All Together Now 123

Woo There! all hands up please one question
 at a time.
 So how are they going to know if I’m a girl,
 all the boys will want me to
play cars with them.
 Ah!  Beethoven Symphony No 4
 Mmmm I wonder if the other arm would
 be any better!
 So I thought to myself a short rest will
 help me concentrate.
So they took your bottle, now
 lets see what I can do.
 So to top it all off the pot is calling
the kettle black.
 Well I don’t want  to get foot and
mouth disease do I.  
 Hurry Dad his breath is real bad!
 Well he doesn’t really make much horse
sense but I feel real comfortable
 in his company.
 So what do you think about the Political
situation in Jakarta…
 Who me!
 I spy with my little eye…
Sherlock Holmes
 I think!

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