Floral Delivery…

I would rather have one rose and a kind word from a friend while I’m here
than a whole truck load when

 I’m gone …

These Are For You

Happiness keeps us Sweet,
Trials keep us Strong,
Sorrows keep us Human,
Failures keep us Humble,
Success keeps us Glowing,
Only God Keeps us Going.

God does not bring trouble our way He cares and  is always there and never leaves us in despair.

As we ask we will receive and our pain God will ease He knows that times will be tough but each day we will have strength enough.

So we thank Him for seeing us through and remember He greatly Loves you and me and together we will be in Eternity.


2 responses to “Floral Delivery…

  1. Wow Caddo you do indeed make me feel Loved and appreciated, and wanted and all the beautiful things we are to feel thank you my dear Sister for your very kind words and encouragment.

    I feel like I have been greatly blessed .

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. Hi Sister–I got to be first here today!! This is just so incredibly beautiful–the whole blog, and this particular post, too! It reminds me of walking into my fave perfume shop in the mall–rich and peaceful and fragrant. You’re just such an angel–wanted to remind you how loved you are!

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