God Answeres our Heart Prayers

Wendy is Bible Man’s girlfriend and she is on life support from the effects of a severe heart attack last evening. Please pray for Wendy and Bible Man and the medical staff caring for her. Thank you so much.

For continued updates please click on this  Link –  http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/prayer-support-needed-for-wendy-and-bob/

Apples Of Gold

Update on Wendy:  They still have her on life support.  She is still not breathing on her own and she is still in a coma.  They put her in a cold room to lower her body temperature to 93 degrees in order to keep her brain from swelling.  Please God let her live.

I am hanging in there as best I can.  I can’t get last night out of my mind.  Every morning she has stopped by my house before she went to work to pray with me and bless her day.  Today, she did not show up. 

I hurt inside so bad.  Please keep praying for her.

Thank you!

This was us last Christmas Day.

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5 responses to “God Answeres our Heart Prayers

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  3. Thank you Anne! I am in tears.

    • Dear Bob I feel very much for you, I have been praying all night including Spiritual warfare, I know how much you Love each other and your value in The Body of Christ.

      Dear Heavenly Father of all comfort and compassion may your arms of protection hold Wendy close and may you give her complete healing with no continuing problems. Illness is not from you Lord and it’s not your will that we suffer, please comfort and strengthen Bob too and give him a firm assurence that all things will work together for good, I pray that you bless them both greatly, in Jesus powerful Name – Amen

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