Remembering Howie


As Bob’s Family in The Lord we join together to help carry the burden of loss that Bob has in the death of Howie his furry friend, how wonderful is God’s gift of animals both for our food chain and as Companionship and we miss them when they depart as we do anyone we Love and God understands our grief and comforts us. Lets pray together for Bob and also Wendy as she supports him at this sad time, that they may be strengthened and upheld. Please be assured we care Bob and feel your pain and also hold onto the Truth that Howie will never be far because he will forever be in your heart now and in eternity, the Love and Joy we had on earth never fades only the sadness.

2 responses to “Remembering Howie

  1. Hi Franny, thank you for your thoughts for Bob in his loss, I’m sorry I only just found your comment, how wonderful that you can have Daisy Mae at work with you, it is the same for me, with my being disabled I’m with Monty and Missy most of the day and night, Blogging is my Job now and it gives me much Joy even though there are problems at times.. but that is Life.

    Thanks again Christian Love Anne

  2. Awww I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. yes our furry friends are our family. I have my Daisy Mae. She is a Dapple Mini Dachshund. My little 10lb weiner. I love her so dearly. I am very fortunate that I am able to take her to work with me. I am a 24 hour caregiver to a lady with end stage Alzheimers. Daisy has become a little Therapy dog. It is so precious and what they bring to the elderly is priceless. ~Franny

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