The Touch Of Love

The Touch Of Love
Love Reaches out even Knowing it may Cost.
 Love Shows Kindness and Accepts Kindness.
 Love Looks for Strengths not Weaknesses.
Love has Acceptance and guidlines but not
 harsh boundaries
 Love Always Trusts it Doesn’t Wait for Others
 to Earn it but it does not welcome evil.
 Love Forgives and Chooses not to
 Remember Hurts.
Love is always Honest and doesn’t
Wear a Mask.
 Love is Always Humble Choosing to
   Need Others.
Love Shows Compassion and Understanding.
 Love Never Gives up it Always Perseveres and
 Always Hopes.
 Love is Always Thankful even for the
Small Things.
 Love Encourages, Supports, Uplifts,
and if needed  Corrects or Warns. 
 Love Doesn’t Demean Others it Knows
 its Own Worth.
Love is More then just a Feeling
 it’s an Action.
Love Never gives up on others it’s always
believing for the best and hoping
 for reconciliation.
Love is Willing to Help and Asks and 
Accepts it when needed.
Love does not take lightly past sins and mistakes
 but Learns  from them and moves on.
Love is Interested in Others and what
 Interests Them.
L ove is honest
Love is not Afraid to Show Real Feelings
when Happy or Sad.
 Love Never Fails!

3 responses to “The Touch Of Love

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  2. Hi Dei, me too they are so cute as for the statments they are all from 1 Corinthians 13 and other Scriptures but like always I just write what’s in my heart but I make sure it gels.

    I suppose I really need to advertise this Blog, but there is no pressure, I come here to relax and be with my friends thank, you Dei for being one of them, you are a blessing, now if I don’t say that often please remind me, yes it’s always in my heart but needs to be expressed as often as possiable or it will not blossom.

    Christian Love Anne

  3. I love the baby photos combined with unconditional love. Very precious!
    God Bless You!

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