A Mothers Heart Of Love


Click to enjoy  A Mother’s Love

Sometimes you may feel you don’t measure up to what a Mum should be if so listen to some wonderful advice from my friend Angie… https://doyoumeanwhatiknow.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/um-happy-mothers-day/

If you don’t have a Power point viewer this link is for a free one that you can download then click and enjoy the beauty of God’s Love in Motherhood  – http://www.freewarefiles.com/Microsoft-PowerPoint-Viewer_program_24404.html

2 responses to “A Mothers Heart Of Love

  1. Beautiful power point, Annie! I love being a mother and grandmother!
    God Bless You!

    • Thank you Dei it’s one that is close to my heart and gave me much Joy to create.

      It was not hard for me to guess my friend your heart response to being a Mum and a Grandmother, I love the way you share them with us I feal I know them all personaly how wonderful if it was so. I often think about LILI …. did you hear that it is a blessing to share …let us know what time their Plane gets into Brisbane we will be waiting for them..thank you very much and be assured … it’s more blessed to give then receive.

      Annie in waiting!

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