The True Kiss of Love

 The young woman lies quietly, her face post-operative, her mouth twisted in Palsy, some what clownish yet sad. A tiny twig of the facial nerve, the one to the muscles of her mouth, has been severed. She will stay like this from now on. Although all was done in proper order, all that could be done, yet to remove the Tumour from her Cheek the little nerve had to be cut.

 Her young Husband is in the room he gazes down on her, she whispers I will always be this way, but he just smiles.

“I like it ” he says… it is kind of cute.

  He kisses her crooked mouth Lovingly twisting his own lips to accommodate her, to show her that their kiss still has heart  passion that nothing can change or diminish.


A True Story by Richard Selzer (condensed)

 They say that Love is blind…

But True Love sees all the flaws clearly but continues to Love regardless.


2 responses to “The True Kiss of Love

  1. Hi Robin it is so good to be in contact with you again, we seemed to have got lost along the Blogging round about but you often came to my mind and I prayed for your continued strengh in The Lord … I have enjoyed our cuppa too my friend and you are indeed a very dear Sister in The Lord.

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. How beautiful Anne…so very touching…Thank you so much for sharing…Thank you for my afternoon cuppa…Many, many blessings to you my friend…Robin

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