Our Father’s Love Letter

For a Wonderful heart enriching experience take time to listen to what your Heavenly Father wants to say to you personally, your His Child and when you came to repentance He forgave the sins you had committed and He no longer kept a record of them,  He wants you to know you will never be in slavery to them again you have been set free in Jesus, come now and enjoy His message to you.

4 responses to “Our Father’s Love Letter

  1. Precious Post! I love newborn photos!
    God Bless You, Annie!

    • Hi Dei, yes so do I and I can’t wait to be with my little ones and see them face to face but till then I Love to be with other peoples children sharing when possible God’s words of Love to us in this Video as they always leave me with tears of Joy. To be Loved so very, very very, much and not know it is so very, very sad, no wonder our hearts can’t help but shout out His Truth, so many Hope in what won’t last or teach and believe in error that will take them down dangerous paths, God grieves to see us hurt as we do for those we Love.

      Thank you Dei, your a blessing my dear friend in The Lord.

      Christian Love Annie

  2. Thanks Anne for the Fathers Love Letter, doesnt matter how often you hear it ,it still causes you ,as a child to thank your Heavenly Father for His love and care of you,and many times when I havent deserved it in my life. That`s why it`s called Grace.


    • Welcome to Kingdom’s Garden Love, how nice of you to visit and I’m pleased you enjoyed once again Our Fathers Love Letter.

      Very True we all have sinned and been forgiven and God does not hold it against us He chooses to take them far away and no longer remember them with the need for retribution. but what is wonderful as you know is that we can choose now not to sin and by the empowering of The Holy Spirit walk in His Fruit, we have been set free and no Temptation will be greater then we can bear and being Born again of God’s seed means we don’t choose to sin because we have the mind of Christ and He doesen’t, so we don’t.

      1 John 3:9 No one who is Born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been Born of God.

      Christian Love Anne.

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