A Brick In The Wall by T

Thank you T, what a beautiful heart you have shining with humility and Trust in a God that will never let you down. As we walk in the fruit of His Love by His empowering, we will all be filled Spiritually and lack no good thing….. Love you dear Sister and friend in The Lord, we both wish for you all God has for you and that together we will all as the Body of Christ bear much good fruit for Eternity in our walk with Him.

A Story By Me

Keep putting the bricks in the wall.  That seems to be what God keeps putting in my mind these past few weeks.

The past 7 weeks I had the privilege of leading a woman’s Bible study at my church.  Why God would chose me for this job is beyond my comprehension.  I have only been walking this journey with Jesus for about 2 and 1/2 years so I do not know my Bible very well.  I also feel like most of the woman who joined the class were probably way more experienced for the job than me.  I do not like speaking in public and have suffered from social anxiety for the past 20 years to the point I get sick at my stomach just thinking about a room full of people.  Just being an attendee in a class is really hard for me.

In the class we studied…

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2 responses to “A Brick In The Wall by T

  1. Thank you for the reblog that is so nice of you to do that. I think both you and Ron have very big beautiful hearts. . Hearts like Jesus full of love and kindness and caring. Thank you again and God bless you

    • Thank you for your kind words T, we are to affirm each other and encourage each other to Stand up for the Lord in Love and Truth both by our words and actions. Reblogs and Awards or Blessings are a way we can do this in referance to what we write, as we share about the Hope we have in the Lord and what He teaches us as well as giving us opertunity to share with those who don’t have faith. Thank you again for a great message, highlighting the Truth that even if we doubt ourselves we can Trust in what God tells us.

      More Blog wisdom… as shown on other Blogs, not many comment on Reblogs, although they may sometimes on the link of those we Reblog but they are indeed read often as the Stats sometimes show, but does it really matter if it encourages the person we Reblog and continues their message, even if it’s just in our hearts, that is what it is really all about, thank you for uplifting us T as you have done often before and as you always seek to do, you do indeed have the gift of encouragement..

      Christian Love Anne.

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