Paper Wedding Gowns…..

Paper Wedding Gowns…
Yes! – Imagine the poor Bride
if it rained

This Idea should make everyone happy
 Recycling and saving money!
Perhaps …..
But what really would make everyone happy is that  if Marriages today were able to be Recycled with the Creativity and Care that went into making these gowns. How wonderful instead of discarding the Marriage to give it new life.
Yes and money would be saved but what’s more important so would the bond of Love that was Woven together between two people who declared their Oneness and Faithfulness to each other not just while everything was going well but through all the Storms that life can bring, all the mistakes, regrets, sickness, suffering, misunderstandings arguments, hardship and disappointments.
God’s Love- Forgiveness- Honesty- Trust – Understanding and Kindness brings Love and Unity…
We never fail if you keep Trying and with God’s empowering, Love can be renewed and the Marriage Bond restored.

6 responses to “Paper Wedding Gowns…..

  1. Wow these dresses are so beautiful and I can not tell that they are paper at all! Your post makes me think about how lately in our country couples are paying extreme amounts of money for lavish weddings and spending years planning them and then in a few years the marriage ends in divorce. If only people would put the same amount of time into bonding and learning how to love one another during the hard times as they do into those expensive weddings. Lovely post.

    • Yes very True T and Jesus tells us Divorce shows a hard heart, meaning they are rejecting God’s guidelines and this will lead them into more problems.

      Thanks for visiting – Christian Love – Anne.

  2. Paper dresses! if it was made from newspaper at least you would have something to read!


    • Wow Ron how unromantic can you get …do you take Anne as your wife for better or worse and the Morning Herald to have and to read until you die, or until they are liquidated!

      But it could have been worse, your Suite could have been made out of Newspaper and you would have been red all over.

      Annie is not impressed!

  3. Hi Anne, Wow, a paper wedding dress! You wouldn’t want to get too close to any candles, would you? On a positive note, you could always colour it in and use it as a going away outfit!! Seriously now, thanks for creating such a vivid picture of the creativity & recycling required to make a marriage last. So often people think that when things become difficult it is time to give up and look elsewhere, but when we are faithful and persevere God is right there, empowering us and renewing our love.

    • Kerry it is so good to see you, are you Blogging again ? I will check later. Wow you had me laughing, I can just hear the Bride…

      Please be patient Love the Honeymoon can wait, I really must finish colouring in the Rainbow on my dress in case it rains.

      You are so right Kerry, God can bring good out of anything if we seek Him and it is the same in Marriage, regardless of the mess and how broken the pieces, He is the Super Glue to bind it back together again, we remember that for a man and woman to find each other we have to find Him first.

      Christian Love Always – Anne

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