God’s Priceless Treasure…..

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God’s Priceless Treasure

Have you ever made, painted, designed or invented something that has given you great joy and a feeling of accomplishment?

Painting, writing, pottery or craft can be very rewarding because although we start with raw materials, we can create something really beautiful even a masterpiece.

What a sense of accomplishment what joy, it even feels part of us maybe because we have given of ourselves to achieve it.

So we forget about all our mistakes this one object is valuable, a priceless treasure a thing of beauty.

1 DAMANGEDWhat happens when someone comes along and calls our treasure worthless and ugly throws dirt all over it even trying to destroy it,

“How do we feel?” the heartache would be too great to describe the anger and pain too real.

Then someone else comes along who understands what we have achieved, who can see the beauty in what we have created,

They can see behind the dirt and blemishes and appreciate its true value they even want to restore it back to its original beauty regardless of the cost.

Our joy would be great we would be so thankful and our treasure would be given a place of honour and be protected.

We are God’s Priceless Treasure He created us and He doesn’t make mistakes, our value to Him is beyond measure.

Think of His pain when He sees us hurt, broken, damaged, needing to be restored.

Jesus understood His Father’s pain, He came to restore us back to our original beauty, the cost was great but His Love was greater.

We can never understand the Father’s pain or can we ever repay what He suffered so we could be restored,

But we thank Him, we thank Him with our whole lives because

He gives us His greatest Treasure.



7 responses to “God’s Priceless Treasure…..

  1. I love this Annie
    Thank you so much for linking me 😊
    God bless 🙏🏼❤️

    • Thank you May for visiting and for your uplifting encouragement and also for joining up with Kingdom Garden. At this time I’m not Posting on this Blog but I sometimes refer to the Messages. I started this Blog for Woman but found Men visited too including Ron, which is OK their choice and it was nice to hear from them too.

      Would you like to share with me May any of your Messages that have Special meaning for you, if so please leave your Post links and I will visit.

      Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

  2. This is beautiful. I loved recycling things broken or discarded things into new function; it’s a tangible picture of redemption, and what Jesus has done for me. Thank you, and new follow here!

  3. I still get overwhelmed when I think of what Jesus did for me, Lovely post Anne.

    • I feel the same T, and He calls us His friends too and brings friends like you to encourage and uplift, no wonder He is in our hearts and thoughts but than how can it be any other way because what really amazes me is it is no longer us who lives but He lives in us…awesome!

      Christian Love Always – Anne

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