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In Memory of Charlie……


My dear friend closed his eyes as his head was in my hand. The Doctors said he was in pain and it was hard for him to stand or to understand.

The thoughts that scurried through my head, as I cradled him in my arms, were of his younger, puppy years, and OH…his many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge,with an intense “I love you gaze”, only tears and wishing he had not gone and could have stayed and enjoyed more fun filled days.

But then my heart seemed to say. Look up, be strong and cry no more,
God also loves our canine friends, and He’s installed a “doggy-door”!

That door is in our Heart and when our pets are there they never depart, our memories keep them strong and with us they will always belong.

Author Unknown

The grief associated with the loss of a pet regardless of whether the loss was expected or sudden is often not always understood, and we sometimes find it very hard to deal with the pain of losing a pet that has become a cherished friend who has shared our lives, who has talked and walked with us, and who we have eaten with and played with.

Sometimes it is us who needs to help our animal friends not to have needless suffering for unlike us they are unable to understand why or what the reason is for it. Yet their instincts may tell them they are dying and they respond in the only way they know how by wanting to be close to those who Love and care for them, although because they sense our anguish they may also try to distance themselves from us not understanding our responses.

Letting go of our pets is very hard just as any other loss is but we never have to say goodbye if we hold the memories in our heart of the times we shared in happiness, and we remember that every pet has a love of their own to give so we open our heart and let others come in offering them care and love and receiving their love and loyalty in return.

Our Heart felt compassion is with you Barb in your loss, Charlie will always be in your heart so you will never really be apart and the joy that he gave you will remain with you for Eternity.

Christian Love from Ron and Anne.